I965-69 - Fordham University College of Pharmacy, Bachelors of Science In Pharmacy

1969-70 - Registered Pharmacist and Bergen County Jail Pharmacist

1971        - Fairleigh Dickinson University Counseling Institute, Training Program in Narcotic                       Education

1971 -72 - Rutgers University College of Pharmacy, Masters Degree in                                                         Pharmacology (How drugs work), using Marijuana on mice brains

1973       - Hackensack Hospital Pharmacist, manager of methadone maintenance program

1975-79 - University of the East Medical School, Medical Degree

1979-84 - St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center, Residency in OB-GYN Board Certified in                     OB-GYN

2008&11- Certified in Age Management Medicine, Cenegenics Institute

2010-13 -  Training at The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

2015-16 -  Institute for Integrated Nutrition, Certified as Health Coach


As a pharmacist, worked in retail, hospital and jail pharmacies, working directly with addicts and answering a hot line. Lectured on such topics  as substance abuse to grammar, high school and college students. Opened a successful Private OB-GYN Practice. Worked as physician in Teen OB and Maternal Infant Child Clinics, counseling patients about sexuality, STDs and substance abuse. In 1985, became Medical Director of the Arts Drugs and Rehabilitation Center in Beth Israel Hospital, Passaic. Detoxed and treated over 50,000 patients while there. Currently retired, volunteering in various Alliances and Coalitions on the root causes of addiction (prior to drug, alcohol etc.