Addiction Starts at Home

The Root Causes of Addiction start early in life. As I have stated, the early years of a childs physical and emotional life are mostly controlled by their parents/guardians. ACES, Adverse Childhood Experiences, don't just include Physical/Emotional/Sexual Abuse, but also Physical/Emotional Neglect and Household Disruptions such as divorce, familial substance abuse, mental illness, incarcerations and especially maternal abuse.

A child who experiences one or more of these TRAUMAS, learns to TREAT the feelings and the stress that develops, thus influencing their psychological and physical well-being.

The child may choose to treat this trauma in many ways with, depression, alienation, acting out, over compensation in school or sports, and Substance Abuse. Sadly, many people who are not physically/sexually abused, may not realize that they even have habits that are destroying their lives. Emotional neglect tends to slip out of our memory, leading people to have no idea what led them to depression or ADDICTION.

Early and continuous parental emotional/physical involvement with their children is invaluable in their maturation. At the same time helping the child to develop, delayed gratification, resilience and positive thinking, can allow them to navigate their hectic lifestyle safely.

Maturity doesn't fully develop until the LATE 20s, so, Parents, don't give up after high school !!!!!