How to NOT raise an ADDICT

Be a PARENT, TEACHER, COACH, not a friend or a people pleaser

Parent out of LOVE not GUILT, but don't smother

Be a good role model, practice what you preach

Be active in your child's early life, this time helps define them

Set rules and boundaries with consistent, accountable consequences (esp. with electronics and sleep)

Have fun and enjoy your children, but remember they are not mini adults

Be emotionally available

Trust but VERIFY, your children withhold the truth, LIE

Allow them to learn RESILIENCE from their mistakes while under your supervision

Teach and remind them that they are not meant to always be happy, but meant to survive

Praise them for their hard work no matter the consequences

Give them everything they reasonably need, but not everything they want -Delayed Gratification

Give them independence and responsibility a little at a time, and increase slowly under your supervision

Allow them to seek their dreams with your guidance

Feed them healthy (emotional, spiritual, and nutritional) foods

Guide them through the 5 Ps



Persistence=Never give up

Patience=Delayed Gratification

Preparation=Hard work