Substance Use/Abuse Increases the Risks of COVID-19

COVID-19 attacks the LUNGS with severe consequences which require a strong immune system to fight it off. People with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) are at increased risk by elevating themselves to a HIGH RISK CATEGORY.

Smoking or Vaping anything causes damage to the respiratory passages and lungs by causing an inflammatory reaction, compromising lung function and decreasing the the ability of the respiratory system to respond to an infection.

Opioid Dependence can cause the brain to slow breathing causing decreased oxygen to the brain, putting them at risk of overdose and unable to respond to a viral insult.

Methamphetamine, Crack, Speed, causes blood vessel constriction, leading to lung damage and possibly Pulmonary Hypertension.

Mind-altering drugs and Alcohol alter a persons ability to properly care for their health and wellness.

Compromised Health, because of any SUD, puts the user at increased risk of COVID-19 and all its devastating effects. These people also usually have decreased access to health care, poor housing, causing them to remain in close contact with potential infected people.