COVID-19, the respiratory virus that is infecting people worldwide, produces mostly mild or no symptoms for healthy people yet is killing many with comorbidities. These diseases have been caused over many years by our UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE including our SUGAR ADDICTION to our STANDARD AMERICAN DIET (SAD DIET) full of high sugar/carbohydrate low nutrient processed foods, SMOKING and VAPING, LACK OF QUALITY SLEEP and EXERCISE, constant ELECTRONIC CONNECTION, and HIGH STRESS.

My good friend Dr GRAHAM SIMPSON MD, founder of ETERNITY MEDICINE in Las Vegas, recently published a fantastic article "COVID-19 and DIABESITY", from which I will borrow some of his thoughts.

The NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICINE PUBLISHED ON 4/3/2020, that 94% of deaths from COVID-19 had an underlying disease(comorbidity), most often DIABESITY (DIABETES+OBESITY). DR SIMPSON mentions these comorbidities, OBESITY, HEART DISEASE, AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE, DIABETES, etc and discusses that they all have INSULIN RESISTANCE as the underlying factor. These CARDIO-METABOLIC DISEASES kill 80% of us prematurely due to our INSULIN RESISTANCE.

Our high sugar/carbohydrate diet overwhelms our ability to lower blood sugar, leaving extra sugar to be stored as fat and to cause widespread INFLAMMATION throughout the body, leading to many of these comorbidities.

Only 12% of of AMERICAN adults over 20 are metabolically healthy, thus 88%of AMERICANS have some degree of INSULIN RESISTANCE and more than 50% of AMERICANS are DIABETIC or PREDIABETIC. MOST TYPE 2 DIABETICS are overweight/obese, but there are many that are (TOFI) thin on the outside fat inside SKINNYFAT. They also have the same risk of INSULIN RESISTANCE and of being susceptible to COVID-19 and of dying.

Since the ROOT causes of our CARDIO-METABOLIC DISEASES stem from our POOR

LIFESTYLE, we have the power to correct them. Since this virus will be around for a while and has the potential to return, we might use this down time at home, to rethink our lifestyle, diet and other habits to improve our life and health.