The Addictiveness Doctor Continues Speaking Engagements to Influential Audiences

Dr. Henry Balzani, RPh, MS,MD, the nationally recognized certified health coach discusses the latest data on the spread and dangers of E-cigarettes and vaping.

In the first two weeks of March, Dr. Balzani spoke to the following two key organizations dealing with addiction

The first lecture was at Morristown Memorial Hospital, Grand Rounds for the OB-GYN department on Vaping in Pregnancy. The second was at the Professional Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse of Bergen County. Specifically the title of that lecture was: “How the Brain Matures and the Effects of Marijuana Use.”

📷 This presentation provided education on:

-The stages of brain development

-Important areas of the brain

-Tween/teen brain changes (pruning, myelination)- “use it or lose it”

-How and why marijuana use affects brain development and hinders its maturity

- Why early education of parents, grandparents, and young children is the most important for prevention purposes

On his website “The Addictiveness Doctor” Dr. Balzani discusses many issues, including our addictions, the brain’s basic functions, the role of genetics, lifestyle and nutrition and parents’ role in prevention and recovery. People can read about the causes and the remainder of his comments in Dr. Balzani’s latest post on his blog at .